Monday, February 3, 2014

C++ Code Library Torrent

C + + Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code library which has many benefits.Source Code Library makes it very easy to manage your source code (30 languages ​​supported), keep your code organized, save your data in a secure encrypted database, a quick rinse in the Favorites and synchronize rapidly changing data and your libraries, and much more! Manage your source code and documents efficiently Ask your documents, Source Code, code and any other information in one central location. Text fragments taken, URL, files, shortcuts, and application images quickly accessible via our Clipboard Extender. Quickly paste frequently used code and you run your favorite applications and URLs and more! Data recording on the fly! Quickly take important data. Perfect for Internet research Press cap-Lock twice (configurable hotkey) to add data on the fly!

Size: 14 mb
Category: Programming|Components & Libraries
Developer: OverZone Software

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