Friday, January 31, 2014

WinToFlash 0.8.0000 Beta (Armen04) Installer Torrent

WinToFlash is a very useful program that will help your youtransfer Windows XP Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 is that the configuration of the 400, the DVD some empty steps.You can install your Windows from flash memory stick USB HDD, etc to your computer or netbook design. This can not be. WinToFlash can transfer your flash memory card live to 400 / DVD, for example, BartPE. In your computer drive you sign up you can use the card daily.

Version: 0.8.0000 Beta
Size: 52 mb
Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: Novicorp

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Battery EEPROM Works 2.82.2 Torrent

Battery EEPROM Works is a useful piece of software designed to Easen the process of fixing laptop battery. This process can be divided into two parts: cells replacement fixing the content of EEPROM or integrated Flash of laptop battery replacement controller.While cell is easy and can be made by any technician who can work with welding machine, EEPROM fixing is very complicated and important task and can only be personal with special skills and equipment. Battery EEPROM Works makes this process as simple as 1-2-3. The technician just to connect EEPROM chip to adapter and press the button. All work must be done by software. Laptop battery data will look again: Full charge Capacity will be the same you entered and will reflect real cells capacity, Cycles Count will be set to zero, and the date the manufacturer can pass current system date, the consistent failure flag will be removed and all the additional changes will be too. Battery EEPROM Works supports a lot of laptop batteries of different manufacturers.

Version: 2.82.2
Size: 13 mb
Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: Rafos International Engineering Lab

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Backup-Burner CDR SDK 7.0 (x86 x64) StnikA Torrent

Backup-Burner CDR SDK allows you to add functionality to backup to DVD and CD for your software with one dll function call! Increase the program, assuring users that they can archive (record) important data to CD with a single menu choice or throw customizable colors, background (Skin) and title. Simply select a folder to backup, pass some values ​​to our DLL, and expect the function to return the resulting code after burning is complete.All files and folders in the selected folder will be burned to CD. SDK comes with demo-EXE, for example, the source for Delphi and C + +, and our DLL .. It can be used with any language that can use the Windows DLL. Writes at high speeds on almost every burner. Very simple user interface requires no user input as the recording speed or other complex issues, it is automated for them.It writes CD-R and CD-RW discs. He will ask you to remove all CD-RW, first of all, that cheap custom backs up your files frequently. Remember that your code will select all the files and folders that you want to burn to 650MBs. Includes free avtomenyu. Use avtomenyu together with the SDK to automatically start menu, insert the CD-ROM using the file autorun.inf. Simplifies coding, offering the opportunity to ask the user if he wants to perform operations such as full recovery, jump in the help files on the Internet or read me files. Definitely worth look.-screen 45-day trial Nag

Version: 7.0
Size: 14 mb
Category: CD/DVD Tools|Data CD/DVD Burning
Developer: FrontBack LLC

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hotspot Shield with Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper 1.57

Hotspot Shield is the world's most trusted VPN that protects you online and lets you access the information you need. Now, you can use Hotspot Shield with absolutely no advertising, 30% faster, unlimited bandwidth and with Webroot Software Antivirus and Spy Sweeper! Join 7 + million users in 100 + countries who use Hotspot Shield everyday to: 1. Access blocked services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype in countries where internet is censored. 2. Keep hackers from stealing personal information while users are browsing internet on public locations like Starbucks. 3. Browsing the internet alone. Hotspot Shield does all of this without collecting, let alone using your personal identity information. With this deal you can get: 1. Hotspot Shield without ads 2. Unlimited Bandwidth 3. Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware provides powerful protection against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other online threats. Sophisticated detection technology thoroughly scans your computer to detect and remove malicious programs and the same shield protection featured in Spy Sweeper, the best-selling antispyware solution, helps block new threats before they infect your computer. Webroot AntiVirus includes integrated online backup and restore capabilities to protect digital photos and other irreplaceable files against damage or loss due to hard drive crashes, fire, theft or accidental deletion. Give this opportunity to try to see how you can really help you!

Version: 1.57
Size: 212 mb
Category: Security|Security Related
Developer: AnchorFree

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Magic Audio CD Burner 1.3.8 Torrent

Magic Audio CD Burner is a small and very easy to use application that is capable of CDs them in any music center such as disc center, car stereo with CD player, etc. play Magic Audio CD Burner an easy and comprehensive interface to create, is being rapidly through all its features.

Version: 1.3.8
Size: 12 mb
Category: CD/DVD Tools|Audio CD/DVD Burning
Developer: Magic Audio Tools

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Monday, January 27, 2014

W32DASM 8.7 by APTEMKA77 Installer

W32Dasm is an application designed for the removal of applications, Windows, for educational purposes. All you need to do is put the files in no time at all and removing the application it gives you access to the code. Note: To purchase the application, refer to the instructions in the help file.

Version: 8.7
Size: 811 mb
Category: Programming|Debuggers/Decompilers/Disassemblers
Developer: URsoftware

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Clean Slate 6.5 Build 3347 Torrent

Clean Slate is a handy software that is developed to protect computers from users.Clean Slate Return the computer to its original configuration changes take away unwanted including files, installing software, downloading models / adware, downloaded viruses / Trojans, and icons.Administrators Changes can set a personal / no need to be cleared by Clean Slate , a persistent change in some areas of the plate. Clean Slate is compatible with all anti-virus software, major improvements Anti-virus and allows you to install properly.Customizing The area of ​​the computer to exactly meet your needs are simple and safe easy with the help of wildcards and "environment variables.Clean Slate actually prevents the original file from being changed. Instead, Clean Slate's changes do not need all the special folder that is hidden and protected from users. When the computer is rebooted or a user logs off, Clean Slate only economic change in memory.

Version: 6.5 Build 3347
Size: 12 mb
Category: Security|Security Related
Developer: Fortres Grand Corporation

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Advanced Karaoke Player 5.1 by 8i8i8i8i8i Portable Torrent

Mu? Can have a lot of media contents like video, music files stored? INTENDED on your computer or on CD, DVD, scatter? INTENDED around va? Our house. It's very frustrating for a lot of u? User who are not able to find the right file or disc to after? Desired movies or music. Decisions of this program! Advanced Karaoke Player is the answer for management va? Our multimedia content. It is the center va? Teenagers and families multimedia entertainment. Just let it make you? Kou work. Mu? Can just sit back and u? Enjoy your. Advanced Karaoke Player is designed? En specifically as the family entertainment center. Pou? Lies BE? Them in karaoke bars and nightclubs. This is used? Lies to manage karaoke play lists and content of the DVD / VCD movies. U? User interface is very professionally done with mo? Ing on the Change? Also va? Teenagers taste. It is very easy to use and stable. This supports? All major formats including DAT, MPG, AVI, WMV, AST, VOB, RM, RMVB. Dal? Teenagers and media formats support can be added later, or? having to buy expensive equipment. Song selection based? Eny on intelligent spelling matches or artists are the most appropriate? Teenagers ways. Mu? Can save? It your favorite song in the playlist. Advanced Karaoke Player will support input devices including computer we? I, keyboard, remote control and touch screen.You can adjust the volume va? Our MULTIMEDIA lního file (0 and? 100) to avoid uneven sound outputs in the media playback. Mu? Can preset Karaoke sound channels for non-standard tracks. (Default:. 1 Non-Standard Tracks: 2) The software now has great support for Karaoke DVD songs and DVD movie playback! Support for two graphic cards (one of them should have S-Video output). You need to install separate decoder for rm, rmvb files.

Version: 5.1
Size: 12 mb
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Players
Developer: Degang Mu

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hyena 10.0e [64bit] Torrent

Hyena brings together all of the administrative tools such as Windows NT User Manager, Server Manager, and File Manager / Explorer, and many of the MMC components in a single, easy to use centralized program. Hyena provides all system objects, such as users, servers, and groups, in a hierarchical tree management easy and logical system. It becomes easy to manage system disks, servers and other components with the Explorer interface, which provides a hyena. The use of integrated management of Windows to manage medium and large networks of Windows or Active Directory environment can be a challenge tools. Add multiple domains, hundreds or thousands of servers, workstations, users, and before you know it, things can get out of hand. Hyena is designed to simplify and centralize nearly all management tasks on a daya day, while providing new opportunities for system administration. This feature is available in one centralized easy to use product,. It currently uses tens of thousands of system administrators worldwide, Hyena is jednýmz tool that every administrator can not afford to do without. Hyena uses an Explorer-style interface for all operations, including right context menus for all objects button. Manage users, groups (both local and global), shares, domains, computers, services, devices, events, files, printers and print jobs, sessions, open files, disk space, user rights, reports, exporting, job scheduling, processes, and printing are supported.

Version: 10.0e
Size: 13 mb
Category: Network Tools|Network Information

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

32bit Convert It 13.09.01 Torrent

32bit Convert It is a multifunctional unit converter that enables you to specify a value for the unit of measurement while the other units will change to become equal measure. In the main window you will see the tabs, [Length], [Area] [Volume], [Mass], [Density], and [Speed]. Each tab contains a different set of units for that class, and you can execute transactions quickly. Once in a tab, you get a better description of the item shown. At the top left you can choose how to display, select the [Express results as:] gives values ​​section. You can choose to display the number to select [Round decimal]. Many decimal places Select [no trailing zero] if you do not want to zero in the end resulting values. Press the [Delete] button to delete all the content boxes unit. If you tab to tab or even close the program, 32bit Convert It will be remembered, so when you come back, the values ​​will still be seen as you left them. Values ​​in each area

Version: 13.09.01
Size: 810 mb
Category: Others|Unit Conversion
Developer: ElectraSoft

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Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0

Adobe Photoshop, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers more than you need. Innovator?? Ki creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability allows?? Ia u you??-Telling for Photoshop exactly how you work. And more efficient editing, processing, and file, there's no delay. Designed with high power timesaving file handling with Adobe Bridge (formerly failųnar?? Browser) Multitasking Take advantage of compact?? Flies who re?? Mode in Adobe Bridge to process images while working in Photoshop. Display options Easily States?? Enter your Adobe Creative and other graphics files in Adobe Bridge, submit your photos with features such?? Example, slide and filmstrip mode?? Mode; scale miniatures to any size?? Io using the slider too?? view and edit metadata. Automated batch processing Automatically "when renaming batch process images in Adobe Bridge to convert the format, exposure, create a web gallery or Adobe PDF Presentation, and more. Evaluation and?? Labelling and quickly label photos in Adobe Bridge so you can i?? once your best photos. Sophisticated search?? Ka Easily find any image using sophisticated search?? Ing capabilities of Adobe Bridge, which indicate the number of parameters. Save search?? Every Collection, you can always call. Professional color and tone control Match Color command to achieve consistent i?? View the packet frames, fashion photos, and directly in line with the color scheme of one image to another. Color Replacement tool Easily change the color of the image area, I?? Keeping the original texture and shading. 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support Create and edit 32-bit images and combine multiple exposures into a 32-bit image with i?? Expand the range-from the deepest?? E?? Elia connection on eggs accents in Histogram palette Monitor color changes to its image histogram palette, which dynamically? when updates as you make changes. Shadow / Highlight correction more quickly improve or underexposed areas of an image, including CMYK image contrast, I?? Preserving the overall balance of the photo. Color management guidance is provided for accurate consistent color i?? i screen?? input helpful color management guidance. Pa?? Ani video editing Revolutionary Vanishing Point achieve amazing results over time with the groundbreaking Vanishing Point, which allows?? Clone ia, da?? Advance and paste elements that automatically? Match the surrounding areas of the picture's perspective. Image Warp Easily create packaging mock-ups or other dimensional effects by around any shape or image stretching, twisting and bending Image Warp feature. Spot Treatment?? Easy Brush rare?? Fy photos, as well as 16-bit images in one click with identities? Angiosan power of the new Photoshop Spot Healing Brush. Healing Brush Perform expert rare?? DISCRIMINATION identities troubleshoot with minimal effort using the Healing Brush Essential photography tools One-click dust įbrė?? Messages, stains, wrinkled?? Les and other violations of red-eye correction instantly neutralize red eyes with one-click red-eye correction tool that supports 16-bit images and allows?? licensure you set. pupil?? size of this?? coverage and darkening Optical lens correction Easily i?? correct common lens i?? wiggle, such as barrel and pincushion, and fix chromatic aberrations and vignetting. Smart Paris?? Insults easily counteract common image with fine adjustment control based on the specific blur types: motion LE?? S and Gaussian. I?? Ragged noise?? Mo ma?? Inim Polish digital photos with identities? Angia noise?? Ing correction highest standards in the ISO shooting plus JPEG artifact ma?? Gauge. Camera Raw workflow enhancements Process whole shoot most of the time at the same time to adjust the color, curves, cropping, and even more to continue working in Photoshop! With support for a wide range of digital cameras, Photoshop allows?? Ia adjusted to convert to a digital negative (DNG), the settings automatically? When ...

Version: CC 14.0
Size: 811 mb
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Adobe

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Friday, January 24, 2014

PDF 2 DXF 3.0 garute Torrent

You can not use drugs, with the introduction of CAD customers? You now have all I should prefer, be able to deliver and to open heaven, and whosoever among you by means of it, in order to DXF CAD file to the application. PDF PDF 2 DXF to open the file, and the things that, in order to save all the passenger DXF is. This very thing he can not save, that in the bitmap image, and PDF to DXF is a text.

Version: 3.0
Size: 12 mb
Category: Office tools|PDF
Developer: CAD-KAS GbR

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Splash Pro 1.13.2 roberto2002 Torrent

Splash Pro is a software that lets you enjoy your favorite audio and video files. App provides userswithsmooth movement, detail crisp and bright colors. Enjoy the best video quality and unique user experience better. Designed and optimized for HD Play all your High Definition MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and VC-1 movies and camcorder clips, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems. You do not need any additional codecs. Download, install, watch. The best solution for your HD camcorder clips playback rediscover definitions of high quality and Splash Pro and the state of the art technology photos! See clips 20/24/25/30p your list like never before and the movement of technology. Browse your clips instantly with automatic HD Cameras playlist created every time you connect a camcorder to a PC. Ultra answer, stylish and innovative User Interface Splash is compact, stylish, user friendly and incredibly fast! Discover Smart Seek, advanced designed to find specific movie scenes without interrupting video playback seek mode. Splash provides the best user for video playback experience. Designed to enjoy multimedia the proper way. EcoMode - Save energy to save energy and money and enjoy longer video playback on batteries. Intelligent power management of EcoModes designed to reduce power consumption of your laptop. Enjoy up to 40% video playback on batteries for laptop / netbook. With Eco Mode you can monitor your battery power consumption, wear level and more. Featuring Mirillis Ultra Fast dekodeur audio and video codecs designed for multi-core processor and graphics card hardware acceleration hardware (GPU). Choose our optimized low technology energy consumption, save your batteries PC cell phone, money and the environment. You do not need any additional codecs to play the best video quality better now!

Version: 1.13.2
Size: 13 mb
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Players
Developer: Mirillis

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

VIPRE Internet Security 2014 Torrent

VIPRE Internet Security combines next-generation antivirus and anti-spyware technologies with a bi-directional firewall and spam filtering and Internet security for an all-in-one application malware.This was developed using all modern technologies that are designed to optimize your computer? Overall performance, even when updating or scanning files.

Version: 2014
Size: 52 mb
Category: Antivirus
Developer: GFI Software

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History Cleaner 3.13 x64 x86 Torrent

History Cleaner is compactprogram youmaintain that helps clean your computer without a lot of unnecessary files.It will clear your browser history, cookies and cache. Applicationcan also deleteindex.dat files, protect your home page from being modified, clean recently used files list, and run out?? Sun Bin. The interface is very easy to use: you simpler?? I have to select the items you want to clean and click Next? Chinaman one button.

Version: 3.13
Size: 211 mb
Category: Security|Secure cleaning
Developer: InterTech

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MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.6 Torrent

Make the most of the latest color Nokia phones! Many modern Nokia handsets contain a full file manager (gallery), so you photos, ringtones, music and other files to rely on store supported by your phone. MobiMB is the first software product full access to these features enable your phone, and also contains a number of features that are already Anta for specific handsets, including the ability of your computer operator logo, start and shutdown logos and more ( phone-dependent) set. Browse your gallery and drag and drop images, MIDI files, photos, music and Java MIDlets to and from your phone from your hard disk! Right-click a logo to set. The download files, color backgrounds, transparent color operator logos, logos or games and start programs and other file types supported by your phone. MobiMB install on your Microsoft Windows PC, and connects directly to your phone with a standard cable or infrared port (available separately). Most new Nokia phones contain Nokia technology new polyphonic ring tones, and now you can show your own polyphonic download from your computer! A ringtone download, simply select a MIDI file on your hard drive, throw it in the download folder in the gallery, and photos will be available for the OT be rdorur as a bell. MIDI files can be created and edited with any standard MIDI sequencer package (ready-made download not included, but many are freely available in a variety of websites). Phones that support user download in MP3 and other formats can benefit from this driver file quickly and easily. A number of common graphics formats supported color of these phones, including JPEG and GIF. Edit an image using your favorite graphics editor, or use a ready-made, cut to size and drop the phone! Save your photos to your computer simply by dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer. Java MIDlets designed for use with your phone can be added to the games and applications files.

Version: 3.6
Size: 14 mb
Category: Mobile Phone Tools|Nokia
Developer: LogoManager

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ALO Audio Editor 3.3 [by ggnnbgf]

ALO Audio Editor is a perfect audio editor tool for your?? Your music production that supports many popular audio formats. ALO Audio Editor provides cool and interface, easy to use, allowing you to edit audio files visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Selection, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File) apply various effects (explained?? Lie , Compressor, Delay, Envelope, Equalizer, Expander, Fade, Flanger, Invert, normalize, Phaser, Reverb, Reverse, Silence, Stretch, Trim, Vibrato, Pitch Shift, Chorus). The application also allows you to insert a noise and you?? Most of the audio file, insert and change described information about the past, using different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Band Pass Filter, FFT Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter, culminating EK filter, final filter impulse response). You can record audio from a microphone or other devices, audio file or any part thereof, convert audio files from one format to another. ALO Audio Editor supports audio format of uncompressed WAV PCM, compressed WAV (ADPCM, GSM, DSP and others), MP2 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-2), MP3 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-3), VOX (Dialogic ADPCM), WMA (Windows Media Audio 9), RAW audio (PCM-LAW, U-LAW), MPC (MusicPack), AVI (audio track), Ogg Vorbis (Version 1.0), G.721, G.723, G .726, AIFF (Apple audio format) and AU (UNIX audio format). Must?? open?? desired audio file, then have fun editing!

Version: 3.3
Size: 14 mb
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Editors/Recorders
Developer: ALO SOFT

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition 10.2 Build 20131007 FastDL Torrent

Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition is a powerful and performant tool that generates code from diagrams and documents the interaction between the user and the system (functions) using flow the events editor. Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition is a professional UML tool that supports complete software lifecycle - object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, construction, testing and implementation . Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) is a powerful tool that generates code from diagrams and generate documentation. UML modeling software helps you build quality applications faster, better and at lower cost. You can draw all types of class diagrams, reverse code, generate code from diagrams and generate documentation. UML CASE tool also provides abundant UML tutorials UML interactive demonstrations and UML projects. You can download Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition Portable

Version: 10.2 Build 20131007
Size: 210 mb
Category: Programming|File Editors
Developer: Visual Paradigm

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free MP3 Converter 3.2 32-Bit & 64-Bit Torrent

Free MP3 Converter is a simple MP3 encoder, straight, yet powerful and flexible. Free MP3 Converter can be used to reduce the size of an MP3 music file so it could be easier sent as an email attachment, or to encode some captured audio from different sources will , audio, such as TV card, microphone or line-andsave itin one, more convenient smaller MP3 format. You can use Free MP3 Converter together with Winampto write some of your existing MP3 files in wave format (by using Winamp Disk Writer on). When you create your. WAV file that you can edit it with anwave editing software (Sound Forge, Cool Edit) and / or use Free MP3 Converter to encode. WAV file to MP3 according to audio quality preferences size requirements orneeded MP3 files.

Version: 3.2
Size: 12 mb
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Convertors
Developer: Pianosoft

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VoicePass PC Security Lock DIMASIK233

VoicePass PC Security Lock is a professional application designed to unlock the team based on their voice.VoicePass PC Security Lock is easy to install on your Windows PC. Patent Technology VoicePass allows customers to choose their own voice password. Customer can select any word in any language between 3-12 letters. Customers can configure the lock screen to display videos, images or custom screensavers. No more complicated passwords, usernames or security questions to remember. VoicePass Monitors PC Security Lock attempting to access your computer while you are away. Protect your privacy and confidential information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just download the software and your PC safe from unauthorized access. Protect your PC with your own voice password.

Size: 12 mb
Category: Security|Security Related
Developer: Artinnet Corporation

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avira Internet Security 2013 / RC Torrent

Ka? Dy, who? With active on social networks, integrate WiFi hotspots and on-line bank needs nejefektivněj? Teenagers virus protection available. Avira Internet Security is an all-in-one security suite that combines powerful features such as spam, phishing advanced protection, AntiBot andparental tools Alongwith afeature-packed firewall.

Version: 2013 / RC
Size: 13 mb
Category: Antivirus
Developer: Avira GmbH

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ESF Database Migration Toolkit Professional 8.0.22 [by lightningmac] Torrent

Professional is a handy and reliable application that allows you to transfer data. Between various database formats Professional can directly connect to MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBASE, Visual FoxPro, Text and other formats, and convert between these formats (SQL Server to MySQL, MySQL to Access, etc.). The app comes with step-by-step creation wizard that allows you to connect to the source database, select the tables, and to convert / copy them to the destination. You can choose to participate or just copy the structure of the program provides data on exposed ir = all data required conversion options, taking into account the peculiarities of both input and output database formats. You can convert files exactly as you want it. Professional support includes table Primary Keys, Indexes and Auto-ID. It also brings table and field names in converting. The tool is supplied with the batch conversion mode, which can be improved by speeding up the entire conversion process productivity.

Version: 8.0.22
Size: 54 mb
Category: Internet|Servers|Database Utils
Developer: EasyFrom Inc

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BlackMagic Pro Edition 2.85 Torrent

BlackMagic Professional Ed. is the primary means of stained?? for sending black and white, Sepia, or IR (infrared) photos, or color correction / re-coloring?? ana with dull, faded, or inappropriate hues. It is extremely simplified?? I use, yet equipped with sare?? Gita element of the software that support?? Had never trying??'s Level of productivity for photo restoration work required?? Ama colorization or color correction. Acquired photos are optimally saturated and consistent, correct hues - gives the impression as if the photos were originally from?? Allowed to paint BlackMagic does not require selection of special??'s Color characteristics such as hue, apduļķo?? Fav, saturation, etc. - the operator simpler?? i YPE identify objects by color. BlackMagic then automatically performs necessary?? Amos calculations to dynamically vary all required?? Desired color parameters based on the content, photos and Neural Net based algorithms - in background.BlackMagic Professional Edition allows processing images in virtually unlimited?? Ots iz?? ĶirtspÄ"ja (limited?? o only computer resources), without?? ots number of colorization layers, working either zoomed in / out status, and user-defined derivative Custom Palettes based on the above?? configured Neural Net-based object palettes. Custom palettes can be saved to external files for later use BCP?? For sending, or to exchange, share or sell to other BlackMagic Professional users.Requirements.:? PC w / keyboard and hard drive with at least 5 MB of free space program.? High iz?? ĶirtspÄ"jas pointing device such as a mouse, pen / tablet, etc? Color monitor + video card capable of at least 800 x 600 display 16-bit [BE / PE fast Graphics sub?? Systems capable of 1024 x 768 and above?? that Resolution 32/24 bit color depth, and min. 32MB of video RAM recommended].? Minimum 24MB RAM [128 MB + recommended to follow or 500MB + pe] [real events?? O memory will also depend on the size of the picture]? Hi Resolution Scanner [optional] to scan pictures? Printer [optional] is capable of Color photographic quality output.Limitations:? Image size is limited?? Ots to about 500,000 pixels, the higher will automatically be reduced, while maintaining the original aspect.? Printed statements involve Blackmagic logo, and covers only half the size of the loaded image.? The trial license to expire 10 days after installation?? Anas.

Version: 2.85
Size: 13 mb
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: NeuralTek

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YTK Pro 1.5 Build 499d 64 Bit

YTK Pro is an easy to use chat utility that offers many additional features to Yahoo! Messenger including greater privacy, unlimited safe list / white list, unlimited ignore bin, font and style filtering and the highest level of anti-boot protection available on Yahoo! Chat network as well as spam, nd and management blocking.Invitation nasty and private messages are organized into zones users full control over your Yahoo! chat

Version: 1.5 Build 499d
Size: 14 mb
Category: Internet|Chat|Instant Messaging
Developer: Torseq Technologies

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DSound GT Player 2.5 (planeta777) Torrent

GT Player is the easiest way to make your computer into a guitar multi-effect processor or live stage sound machine.DSound GT Player is a very useful and the only solution for guitar players, which defines the standard conventions and a fat new step in the realization of living VST plug-ins and tools taken. GT Player offers 13 high-quality effects that can be chained to one of two parallel and serial effects chain with the total impact of all 24 slots.Guitarists VST plugins and instruments designed for guitar players can use, ie AmpliTube , Warp, virtual guitar players. They can also use the Track Player jam loops or riffs to learn his incredible real-time time stretching feature! The software is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X as well.

Version: 2.5
Size: 13 mb
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Other AUDIO Tools
Developer: SK Multimedia Ltd

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