Saturday, January 4, 2014

DameWare Remote Support Torrent

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) is an application for managing enterprise systems parasuis systemwhich operation allows administrators to circumvent the restrictions on the control console Microsoft (MMC). DRS provides an integrated collection of Microsoft Windows administration tools NT, united under one easy to use centralized interface for remote management of servers and workstations Windows. Most all of the standard utilities are included in the interface style DRS large number of ways, many of which have been greatly enhanced to provide superior performance, added functionality and ease of use. DRS also contains custom NT tools including remote control software DameWare Mini and Exporter, and also supports standard shell property pages and shell context menus. DRS includes a powerful object browser Active Directory, as well as advanced functionality for retrieving, searching, and filtering of all the objects and attributes. Management of objects such as OU (Organizational Units), Containers, Users, Groups, Contacts, Computers and actions, as well as attributes that are not available in Microsofts MMC (ie Photos, Logos, employee ID, etc. .. ) are all supported. DRS exclusive OU Logo and fast photo functionality / control only emphasizes DameWare Developments commitment to producing higher quality products that are easy to use. In addition to Active Directory, DRS will support the management of domains, workstations, event logs, disk drives, local groups, global groups, Domain members, Open Files, Printers, Processes, Properties, Registry, Services, Sessions, Shares, shut down / restart Programs Terminal Services / RDP, Users, Wake-On-LAN, and many other features. DNTU continues to support legacy (non-AD) Microsoft Windows Network implementation via a dynamic view of Microsoft Windows Network Browser tree. Domain controllers, servers and workstations, as well as invisible machines (machines that by default are not shown in Windows Network Browser from Microsoft), can be easily handled by computer name or IP-address after entered in the browser tree network. DRS basically gives you the ability to manage a network of Windows, easy to use Explorer-style interface. DRS also includes the Remote Control DameWare Mini to deploy and debug quickly and easily, and the exporter to quickly extract information from remote systems Windows. For more information about these products, please refer to the corresponding product information pages. Evolution DameWare affordable licensing policy is based on the number of administrators actually using the software, regardless of the number of servers or clients accessed.

Size: 53 mb
Category: Network Tools|Network Tools Suites
Developer: SolarWinds

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