Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RAMDisk 4.3.0 RC1 Torrent

Ramdisk is the right product for you if you have a request for disk I / S envelope that is small enough to fit in the main memory. Ramdisk is also great for storing common data, such as temporary access files, index page and files.RAMDisk database was developed to be a kernel-level driver that presents a standard disk drive to the operating system, however, stores and retrieve data from the system RAM on the motherboard rather than a real disk, physical. Along with the Kernel Driver is a GUI that communicates with the driver and allows the user to set various options as well as start and stop the Driver (create or delete ramdisk). The driver has been written to WDM standards and creates a low-level disk object that Windows Device Manager and Disk Management can see and control. You can parse, format, mount volumes, and multiple drive letters assigned RAM (but only if you want to know how to do things with a regular disk, ramdisk will not do it for you). How ramdisk speed up my application? That varies by system aplicacióny, however, you should see a significant performance improvement of applications that are I / S of the shell and completely not tax the CPU or memory.Is my personal data safe ? Yes! Ramdisk You can stop any time, ensuring that all data sent to the ramdisk during the previous session will be cleared immediately. After removal, there is no way to recover data RAMDisk.Can I boot my OS from ramdisk? Not really. Since ramdisk lies in Windows, you can download Windows it. However, you can start a second case of any RAM disk operating system OS using VMWare or other virtual tools.

Version: 4.3.0 RC1
Size: 12 mb
Category: Tweak|Memory Tweak
Developer: Cenatek

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